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Protect your Family

Most people underestimate the amount required to see their children through college, or to allow a surviving spouse to maintain his or her standard of living. Selecting the right insurance product and coverage is key to meeting these needs.

The two basic types of coverage are term life, which provides the most affordable coverage, and permanent life insurance, which combines a death benefit with an investment component.

There are several types of permanent life policies which differ in the investment options involved. One of the most popular is Universal Life, which provides a market interest rate and payments that are generally lower than traditional whole life. Variable Universal Life allows you to choose between investment options, assuming both the risks and rewards associated with your selection.

Long Term Care

Assisting with your long term care needs could be one of the most demanding situations your family may ever face.

Long term care can pose emotional as well as financial challenges. Making the right decision about your care is difficult enough without the added burden of financial pressure.

We can help you understand the options for long term care that are available should you need it, what the costs in the future are likely to be, and help you select an appropriate insurance policy to help cover the expenses without depleting your assets.

Disability Insurance

You may have adequate insurance to protect your possessions and your life. However, most people don't realize that the likelihood of long term income loss due to a disability is significantly higher than the risk of premature death, a home fire or a serious auto accident.

Worker's compensation offers protection against work related claims only, and Social Security provides limited coverage if your claim is approved under strict federal guidelines. Without a disability insurance policy, you could still be left unable to meet your financial commitments or maintain your lifestyle, and you could even potentially lose your home.

Disability policies are surprisingly affordable. We can help you to select the most appropriate policy and coverage limits to meet your needs in the event that you cannot maintain your current income as a result of a disability.

Business Continuity

If something were to happen to you, could your company survive?

If you are a key manager in a closely held company, it will be difficult enough for the company to find a replacement, it will probably cost more than you think, and the company may suffer losses during the time it takes to replace you.

To cover these costs, companies may purchase 'key person' life insurance policies on senior managers and others with mission critical skills and knowledge. As with personal life insurance policies, there are an enormous number of options to choose from. We can help you select the most appropriate type of policy, and compute the amount of coverage you will need to hire the right replacement and to assure an effective transition.

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